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Knox Asset Intelligence 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

Improved device status information

Previously, in the POST /devices/getDevices operation, the status parameter supported the value Enrolled. With Knox Asset Intelligence API 1.0, the value Enrolled is now replaced with a more apt value Active to indicate that the device is enrolled and communicating with the Knox Asset Intelligence server.

New enrollment parameter allows device enrollment in Knox Configure

Knox Asset Intelligence API 1.0 provides a new enrollment parameter of type object in the request body of PUT /settings operation. This parameter contains the EnrolledToKnoxConfigure parameter, which you can use to permit the enrollment of devices in Knox Configure.

You can use the enrollment parameter in PUT /settings operation to set the enrollment permission and you can use GET /settings operation to retrieve the enrollment permission information.

Learn more about admin features

To learn about features available to admins in this release, see Knox Asset Intelligence 24.04 release notes in the admin guide.

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