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Last updated June 26th, 2024

This section provides a comprehensive guide on the steps you need to do before you start using the Knox Asset Intelligence API.

1. Sign up for Knox Asset Intelligence in your Samsung Knox account

  1. Register for a Samsung Knox account. For more information, see Create a Samsung account.

  2. Sign in to your account once you’re approved for Knox Asset Intelligence. For more information, see Access the Knox Asset Intelligence console.

Note that support for creating client IDs using Knox Cloud Authentication will cease from Knox Asset Intelligence 24.09. Only existing client IDs that are already generated will continue to be supported.

You must use the Knox OAuth 2.0 Authentication to generate any new client IDs. For more information, see Knox OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

2. Request access to the Knox cloud services API

To apply for Knox cloud services API access, send an email to with your user and tenant information. You can also create a Support ticket.

3. Generate your access token

After you get Knox cloud services API access, go to the Knox Admin Portal, click Knox Cloud API Portal on the navigation pane, and generate an access token. This access token is sent in the header of the Knox Asset Intelligence API request.

To let your sub-admins generate access token, go to the Knox Admin Portal, and grant the Access Knox Cloud APIs portal permission to the roles associated with the sub-admins.

4. Test your access token

Ensure that your access token is correctly configured by making a test call to Knox Asset Intelligence API. See Knox Asset Intelligence API for a list of operations you can call.

API restrictions

Request limit

The rate limit set for Knox Asset Intelligence APIs is 25 requests per second. That is, an API can be called up to 25 times a second by the same Knox cloud services API key, also known as the x-knox-apitoken, or by the same user in a tenant.

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