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Get device information

Last updated May 24th, 2024

The Knox Asset Intelligence APIs provide functionalities for device management, allowing greater visibility into a device’s status and health. This tutorial focuses on the getDevices endpoint, which allows you to obtain essential details about the devices registered like model, serial number, permissions, firmware, operating system version and so on.

Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to set or update the Knox Asset Intelligence settings and obtain an authentication token. For more information, see Get started.

Information retrieval

  1. To retrieve information about devices, make a POST request to the /devices/getDevices endpoint.

  2. In the request body, you can make use of the following optional parameters:

    • pageNum — Page number to retrieve.
    • pageSize — Number of items on a page.
    • deviceIds — List of the device IMEIs or serial numbers for targeted retrieval.
    • status — List of Knox Asset Intelligence enrollment statuses.
    • batterySoh — List of battery health statuses you want information about.
    • permissions — List of Knox Asset Intelligence client’s permissions you want information about.

For example, the response of the following request body provides the details of those devices which have their IMEIs listed in deviceIds, whose status is Active, whose battery health is either Good or Normal and the location permission is enabled.

  "pageNum": 2,
  "pageSize": 50,
  "deviceIds": [
  "status": [
  "batterySoh": [
      "Good", "Normal" 
  "permissions": [

You can adjust the parameter values in the request body according to the kind of information you want to fetch.. For detailed response schema, see Knox Asset Intelligence API.

Ensure that you handle errors appropriately in your application by checking the code and the message in the response. For detailed specification, see Knox Asset Intelligence API.

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