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Knox Mobile Enrollment Server Integration 22.11 release notes

Last updated March 7th, 2024

November 2022

API Updates
POST /kcs/v2/kme/devices/unassignProfile
  • This API is added. It enables unassigning a profile from one or more devices. Specifically, it unassigns all valid devices (having valid IMEI or serial number), regardless of any invalid device IDs in a batch. Returns separate lists of the valid devices, the devices that do not exist, and all the invalid devices.
  • The deviceIds parameter is added. It accepts a list of device IDs, which is one of the following:
    • The value of id inside deviceList in the response when calling Get Devices
    • A device's IMEI
    • A device's serial number
GET /kcs/v1/kme/devices/list
  • The newly added changedAfter parameter allows retrieving device information captured after the specified timestamp. Supported timestamps include number of hours, minutes, or a date.
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