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About Knox Mobile Enrollment

Knox Mobile Enrollment APIs are cloud-based APIs that enable companies to integrate key Knox Mobile Enrollment Customer Portal capabilities into their own custom portal, providing them a single pane of glass for managing profiles and resellers. Use cases include internal IT support portals and management consoles for customers. These APIs are RESTful and return JSON responses. For secure access, API consumers should use the Samsung Knox access token.


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  1. A customer sends information to the Samsung Knox Server using the Knox Mobile Enrollment Portal or the Knox Mobile Enrollment Customer APIs.

  2. Every time an operation is performed, an HTTP request is sent to Samsung servers. You should implement logic to handle the API response or to query the transaction status after a request is sent.

  3. When a device is first started up or after a factory reset, all Samsung devices check the Knox Cloud Server. If a profile associated to that device exists, the information is pulled onto the device during startup. This information is used by MDM clients to provision device policies.

  4. For client side integration, Knox Mobile Enrollment enables you to enroll devices to a MDM using Android Enterprise provisioning method.

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