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How Knox Guard works

You first register devices for Samsung Cloud services like Knox Guard, through either:

These devices start out in a Pending state. You can approve these devices for Knox Guard payment tracking using either the Knox Guard Console or REST API call approve. Once approved, devices transition to the Activating state. When the Knox Guard app on the device confirms activation, the device then transitions to Active.

A diagram showing how Knox Guard works

Knox Guard can manage devices that are on either:

  • Installment Plans — These devices begin in an Active state, become Locked if payments become overdue, and Payment complete when the payments are complete.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Plans — These devices start in a Locked state, then become Active with the appropriate payment for a specified time period. After this period, the device becomes Locked again. Currently, these devices support all the current Knox Guard features except offline lock and default blinking reminder.

If a device is either rejected or is payment complete, it can be deleted from the Knox Guard payment tracking. Once deleted, the Knox Guard app on the device is uninstalled and the device is no longer tracked.

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