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Knox Guard

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

Knox Guard is a Samsung Knox Cloud service that enables carriers, retailers, and financial partners such as banks to reduce their financial exposure due to:

  • Lack of payment from subscribers on an installment or Pay-As-You-Go plan
  • Devices becoming lost, stolen, or illegally sold

Through Knox Guard, you can:

  • Detect devices that are offline, possibly due to theft, loss, or avoidance of management
  • Display blinking, non-dismissible messages on devices
  • Send overdue payment notifications to devices
  • Lock devices, restricting USB, Bluetooth, NFC, FOTA, factory resets, and firmware updates
  • Update subscriber status as payments are made to their financial institutions
  • Remove devices from Knox Guard when installment plans are paid in full

You can do this through a Knox Guard web console or through REST APIs, which enable you to integrate these capabilities into an organization’s public or private web service.


This guide is intended for web developers working for carriers, retailers, or financial partners wanting to integrate Knox Guard payment tracking into their web services.


  • Samsung mobile devices running Knox version 2.7.1 or higher.

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