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Knox E-FOTA 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

Enhancements to getDevices operation

With this release, the Knox E-FOTA API POST devices/getDevices operation response now returns the agentError parameter for each device. The response provides you with the following information on the Knox E-FOTA client errors this device has encountered:

  • The error code encountered by the device.
  • A description of the error in the error message.
  • The date when the error occurred on the device.

Furthermore, the POST devices/getDevices operation now also features the agentErrorCodes request body parameter, which allows you to filter for devices that have encountered a specific set of Knox E-FOTA client error codes.

Update to Content-Type header for GET operations

Since there is no request body for GET operations, the Content-Type header for GET operations is no longer required with this release of the Knox E-FOTA API.

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