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Get started with Knox E-FOTA

Last updated April 26th, 2024

Knox E-FOTA is currently in private preview. Some features might be incomplete, or change without notice.

Knox E-FOTA enables enterprise IT admins to remotely deploy specific OS versions and security updates to corporate devices, without any user interactions or interruptions. Furthermore, Knox E-FOTA maximizes flexibility by allowing IT admins to test updates prior to deployment and ensure compatibility between in-house apps and new OS versions.

This guide outlines how you can use the Knox E-FOTA API to utilize Knox E-FOTA’s firmware management features.

Workflow overview

This workflow diagram shows an overview of how to use the Knox E-FOTA API.

Knox E-FOTA workflow diagram


  1. Register for a Samsung Knox account, and sign up for Knox E-FOTA.
  2. Request for a KCS access token. You will need this to access the Knox E-FOTA REST API.

Upload devices

Upload devices with the Knox E-FOTA API, which provides operations to upload and manage devices using device IMEIs or serial numbers. Devices uploaded through the API are automatically approved when the upload is complete. See the Knox E-FOTA API reference.

Access to the EMM sync feature will be disabled for your customer once the customer enables access for partners/EMMs to call E-FOTA APIs on their behalf.

Once the device upload is complete, you can use the Knox Webhook Notification API to automatically receive change notifications in a resource-efficient manner. To learn how to get notifications for Knox E-FOTA, see the Knox Webhook Notification for Knox E-FOTA tutorial.

License registration

After you sign up for a account, you can proceed to obtain a license. You can do this by either generating a Knox Suite trial license, or purchasing a license from a reseller. For more information, see Get a license in the Knox E-FOTA admin guide.

The devices will be assigned to the license and enrolled automatically when the Knox E-FOTA client is installed and launched. For more information, see Install and launch the Knox E-FOTA client.

Additionally, you can also register your license using the Knox E-FOTA API as well. For more information, see the Knox E-FOTA API reference.

Campaign creation

Create a campaign to manage firmware on a fleet of devices. With campaigns, you can schedule, throttle, and configure firmware policies through Knox E-FOTA. See the Knox E-FOTA API reference.

After campaign creation, manage firmware with Firmware policies.

Campaign details

The Knox E-FOTA API provides a detailed list of all available campaign settings complete with data types, default values, dependencies, and the hierarchy among campaign features. You can use the Get campaign schema operation, which returns the list of campaign settings as a schema in JSON format, and you can use this schema to implement a dynamic campaign creation UX on your EMM portal. When new Knox E-FOTA campaign features are released, the Knox E-FOTA API will return the newly updated schema, and your campaign creation UX can dynamically account for the newly added features.

Here is a sample JSON response from the Get campaign schema endpoint. You can parse the returned JSON to dynamically generate a campaign creation page, as shown in the UX sample.

Firmware policies

Create firmware policies for a campaign. Knox E-FOTA provides 4 firmware policies.

  • Lock current firmware

  • Latest any

  • Latest up to Android OS version

  • Select from firmware list

Since firmware provided by Samsung is depends on the combination of the device’s model name, sales code, and CSC, separate firmware policies must be set according to the different devices uploaded to Knox E-FOTA.

For example, seperate firmware policies are needed for these two unique combinations of model, sales code, and CSC:

  • SM-G986N / KOO / OKR — Latest Any

  • SM-G986N / KTC / OKR — Latest Any

If a device is assigned to a campaign that has no firmware policies with a matching combination of device model, sales code, and CSC, the device will default to the “Lock current firmware” policy.

To create/update firmware policies, and get device information, see the Knox E-FOTA API reference. You can also view the list of available firmware for a given model name, sales code, and CSC combination with the Get firmware list operation.

Device assignment

Assign uploaded devices to a campaign. Once the devices are assigned, they will comply with the campaign and firmware policies set in the campaign. Every 24 hours from when the campaign was activated, the Knox E-FOTA client app on the assigned devices automatically polls the Knox E-FOTA server to check for any policy changes made to the campaign.

To assign devices to a campaign, see Assign campaigns.

Monitor results

Access information to monitor the current status of your campaigns, devices, and licenses with the Knox E-FOTA API.

Campaign information

Access campaign information such as the current settings for a campaign, number of devices assigned to a campaign, and the current campaign status. Below are descriptions for each campaign status.

Status Description
Active Campaign is activated and functioning
Scheduled Campaign is scheduled to start
Cancelled Campaign is cancelled and can no longer be activated
Expired Campaign end-date has passed and is inactive. You can re-activate the campaign by extending the end-date

To get campaign information, see List campaign.

Device information

Access device information such as:

  • Device ID
  • IMEI
  • Serial number
  • Model name
  • Firmware version
  • Campaign ID
  • License ID
  • Device status

Update status enables customers to easily access basic information about the device status — based on the operation and client status — directly on the dashboard. Below are descriptions for each device status.

Status Description
Completed These devices are up to date and no operations are pending.
In Progress These devices are waiting for, or are currently in the process of a firmware download or installation.
Attention These devices require you or the device user to take action. For example, a license is invalid and needs to be replaced.
Error These devices failed to download or install firmware, or have experienced a campaign error.
Not Started These devices have been added but the Knox E-FOTA client app has not been installed, or the campaign has not started yet.

Only devices uploaded through the Knox E-FOTA API are returned. Devices uploaded by resellers or through the Knox E-FOTA console will not be returned by the Knox E-FOTA API.

To get device information, see List devices.


Access license information such as:

  • License name
  • Key
  • Type (Trial or Commercial)
  • Start and end date
  • Total and consumed count
  • License status
    • Active
    • Registered (License has been added but the account is not active yet)
    • Expired
    • Terminated

To get license information, see Get license list.

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