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Knox Deployment Program

The Knox Deployment Program is designed for Samsung device resellers, including carriers and distributors, who buy devices on behalf of enterprise customers. Knox Deployment Program is the underlying backbone of Samsung’s Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Configure, and other Knox cloud services, as it supplies info about enterprise devices to other services.

There are three ways to register (or upload) a device into the Samsung Knox cloud system — the Knox Deployment App, Knox Deployment Program web portal, and Knox Deployment Program REST APIs.

This guide shows how to use the Knox Deployment Program REST APIs to create an end-to-end device management console, to provide a single pane of glass for verifying and managing the device ownership of customer devices.

The REST APIs are RESTful, require a Samsung Knox authentication token to access, and return JSON responses.


This guide is intended for web developers working for Samsung device resellers, who buy devices on behalf of enterprise customers and use their own websites to identify which customers own the devices.

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Use the Knox Deployment Program APIs API reference

If you want to configure a mutual SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection for open APIs, contact customer support. This is optional; you can still use the Knox REST APIs without setting up mutual SSL.

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