Knox Tizen Wearable SDK
security_information_fields Struct Reference

Certificate filed data. More...

#include <security.h>

Data Fields

mdm_certificate_t storeType
int enabled
int version
int serialNumber
char * sigAlgo
char * issuerStr
security_name_fld_data issuer
char * subjectStr
security_name_fld_data subject
char * pubKeyAlgo
char * pubKey
char * issuerUID
char * subjectUID
char * alias

Detailed Description

Certificate filed data.

Since (Knox_wearable):
Since (Tizen):
See also

Definition at line 106 of file security.h.

Field Documentation

char* security_information_fields::alias

alias passed by user during installation of certificate.

Definition at line 120 of file security.h.

int security_information_fields::enabled

contains 0 (zero) value if this certificate is disabled, otherwise it contains 1

Definition at line 108 of file security.h.

security_name_fld_data security_information_fields::issuer

issuer name filed data.

Definition at line 113 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::issuerStr

issuer string.

Definition at line 112 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::issuerUID

issuer UID string.

Definition at line 118 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::pubKey

public Key string.

Definition at line 117 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::pubKeyAlgo

public Key algo string.

Definition at line 116 of file security.h.

int security_information_fields::serialNumber

serial Number.

Definition at line 110 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::sigAlgo

signature algo string.

Definition at line 111 of file security.h.

mdm_certificate_t security_information_fields::storeType

store in which certificate is placed

Definition at line 107 of file security.h.

security_name_fld_data security_information_fields::subject

subject name filed data.

Definition at line 115 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::subjectStr

subject string.

Definition at line 114 of file security.h.

char* security_information_fields::subjectUID

subject UID string.

Definition at line 119 of file security.h.

int security_information_fields::version

security version.

Definition at line 109 of file security.h.

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