Knox Tizen Wearable SDK
mdm_apn_settings_t Struct Reference

Apn settings. More...

#include <apn.h>

Data Fields

int id
int authType
char * p_profileName
char * p_apn
char * p_mcc
char * p_mmsPort
char * p_mmsProxy
char * p_mmsc
char * p_mnc
char * p_name
char * p_password
char * p_proxy
char * p_server
char * p_type
char * p_user

Detailed Description

Apn settings.

Since (Knox_wearable):
Since (Tizen):
See also
mdm_get_apn_list, mdm_get_apn_settings, mdm_get_preferred_apn_settings

Definition at line 50 of file apn.h.

Field Documentation

int mdm_apn_settings_t::authType

Authentication type

Definition at line 52 of file apn.h.

int mdm_apn_settings_t::id

Apn Index

Definition at line 51 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_apn

Access point name

Definition at line 55 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_mcc

Mobile country code

Definition at line 56 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_mmsc

MMS server address

Definition at line 59 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_mmsPort

MMS port number

Definition at line 57 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_mmsProxy

MMS proxy address

Definition at line 58 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_mnc

Mobile network code

Definition at line 60 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_name

User friendly name

Definition at line 61 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_password

User password

Definition at line 62 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_profileName

Profile name

Definition at line 54 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_proxy

Proxy address

Definition at line 63 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_server

Server address

Definition at line 64 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_type

Access point type

Definition at line 65 of file apn.h.

char* mdm_apn_settings_t::p_user

User name

Definition at line 66 of file apn.h.

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