Mobile Device Management
Native SDK
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ddar::abstract_cryptoBase class for dual-dar crypto implementation
ddar::contextInterface to global information, allowing access to per-user specific resources
knoxremotedesktop::DirtyRegionThis structure provides the Dirty Region Information
knoxremotedesktop::IRemoteDesktopRemote Desktop Module provides means by which the admin capture the device screen content
knoxremotedesktop::IRemoteDesktopListenerThis class provides the interface to get notified when the screen changes
ddar::metadataMetadata provides key-value paired persistent cache and chunk of volatile memory connected to a file
knoxremotedesktop::PixelFormatDetailThis structure provides the pixel format information in terms of actual component offsets
ddar::secretPair of alias/data pair created by the platform
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