Update an existing device profile

An admin can update the device's profile with a push update if a device is currently in a Configured state.

NOTE — Setup edition profiles are restricted from receiving a push update. A Dynamic profile can push update another Dynamic edition profile, and a Setup edition profile can push update a Dynamic edition profile. However, a Setup edition profile cannot update another Setup edition profile, nor can a Dynamic edition profile push update a Setup edition profile.
NOTE - An IT admin can select specific devices for push updates from the Knox Configure PROFILE or DEVICES tabs or at the time a profile is modified. Otherwise, each device utilizing the profile will receive the push update whether intended for each device utilizing that profile or not.

To update a device's profile assignment:

NOTE - If you cannot find a particular device, use the Search function to locate the device by DEVICE ID or MODEL.
  1. Select Profiles from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Check the box of an existing profile to update a device's current profile assignment. Keep in mind, a single profile can be assigned to different device model types.
  3. Select Assign devices from the ACTIONS drop-down menu on the top, right-hand side, of the screen.
  4. Selected the checkboxes of the target device(s) intended to receive the profile push update. Only devices in a Configured state can use the profile push option.

  1. Select the ASSIGN button from the Select devices screen to proceed with the device profile update.

NOTE — A Change assigned profile screen may display stating a portion of the selected devices are currently assigned a different profile or a different version of the same profile. Additionally, the screen states these selected devices will unassigned from their previous profiles and updated with your selected the selected profile upon confirmation.
NOTE — A screen could also display stating no valid device licenses could be found based on the current device selection. Either select a different group of licenses, ensure a valid EE license is available if using an Enterprise Edition (EE) device, generate a new license key using the link provided, or contact Samsung Knox Customer Support using the link provided.
NOTE — Keep in mind, when using additional services with Knox Configure—such as Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)— if a device upload is approved for Knox Configure it is also automatically approved in KME, regardless of the current KME upload approval setting.
  1. If displayed, select the Push update without requesting end user consent to push the updates directly to the configured state devices without consent from the device end user. Leave this option unselected affords the device user the ability to approve the profile update before its pushed to their device.
  2. Select YES to proceed with the device push update and profile overwrite. Select Back to move back to the previous Assign devices with profiles screen.
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