Manage roles

This topic describes how to create, edit and, delete roles for MSP admins.

Create a role

  1. On the Knox MSP Portal, go to Roles.
  2. On the top-right, click CREATE ROLE button.
  3. In the Create role screen, create a name and description for the role and assign the permissions outlined under Role permissions. If you leave any items unchecked, the respective permission is blocked for the MSP admin with this role.
  4. Click SAVE.

Edit a role

  1. On the Knox MSP portal, go to Roles.
  2. Under the ROLE NAME column, click the role you want to edit. You can use the search bar to search for role names.
  3. In the Edit role screen, you can change the role name, its description, and permissions. For more info on each of the permissions, see the Role permissions section.
  4. Click SAVE.

Delete a role

  1. On the Knox MSP portal, go to Roles.
  2. Under the ROLE NAME column, click the role you want to delete. You can use the search bar to search for role names.
  3. In the Edit role screen, click DELETE.
  4. A Delete role confirmation dialogue appears. If this role is assigned to one or more admins, their names are displayed. The dialogue box mentions that these admins will not have any role assigned after the role deletion and will need to be assigned a new role. Click DELETE.

Role permissions

Parent permission Permission Admins can...
Manage customer account Add a new customer and edit customer account information, including the access level Add new customers and edit customer account information. Access level determines whether or not the admin will be able to request a change to the customer access level from no access to full access.
Delink customer Delink customers. Delinking means the customer is no longer managed by the MSP. See Delink a customer to know more about this feature.
Profiles View View profile information.
Manage profiles Copy, assign, and remove copied profiles on the Knox MSP Portal.
Licenses Manage licenses (add, edit, assign/unassign to customer, and delete) Add, edit, delete, and assign/unassign licenses to customers.
MSP activity log View MSP activity log View the MSP activity log, which lists all activities performed by MSP admins in the Knox MSP Portal. This does not apply to the Customer activity log. MSPs can view all the information in the Customer activity log except email addresses of customer IT admins.
MSP administrators and roles Invite and manage MSP administrators

Invite new admins, delete admins, and change the Role and List of customers of existing admins.

IMPORTANT — Allowing this permission gives the MSP admin the ability to delete, edit, or change permissions for other admins. Practice caution while giving these permissions.
Manage MSP roles

Edit all of the role permissions as described in this section.

WARNING — An admin with this permission can change their own role to include all permissions.
MSP devices and uploads View View device information.
Manage devices (move devices to customer, manually approve device uploads) Assign devices to customers and approve device uploads.
Delete Delete devices from the Knox MSP Portal and Reseller Portal.
Reseller View View reseller information.
Manage resellers (register, edit and auto-approve uploads) Register, edit, and auto-approve device uploads from resellers.
Delete Delete resellers from the Knox MSP Portal.
Knox Manage permissions View only View information on the customer's Knox Manage console. Only applies when viewing a customer's Knox Manage account. Enabling view-only access to Knox Manage doesn't override management permissions in the Knox MSP Portal.
Full access (default)

Access and manage Knox Manage data in the customer's Knox Manage tenant. Full access to Knox Manage doesn't override MSP view permissions on the Knox MSP Portal.

NOTE — This role setting has no impact if the customer isn't subscribed to Knox Manage. Full access permissions are granted by default.

Currently, the Knox MSP Portal doesn't support role-based access control for its admins when accessing customer consoles (such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Configure). MSP admins will have full permissions, but can't create roles or manage customer admins.