Check your personal dashboard

Your personal dashboard is a useful resource to review event notifications for customers you manage.

Notifications and side-bar in the MSP dashboard

To check the contents of your dashboard:

  1. Launch the Knox MSP Portal by signing in to the Knox Partner Portal, and clicking Knox MSP Portal in the navigation pane.
  2. NOTE — if you're an existing MSP user with a Knox account, sign in to My Knox to migrate your Knox MSP Program subscription to the Knox Partner Program.
  3. Select Dashboard from the left-hand navigation panel.
  4. Use the menu in the top-right to select whether All customers display event notifications or just a single MSP supported customer. A timestamp of the last notification updates displays directly to the right.
  5. Review the information displayed for CUSTOMER PORTAL NOTIFICATIONS:

    • Notification title — The title of the notification event appears in bold. A green checkmark indicates a successful event.
    • Customer name — Displays the name of the customer impacted by the listed event notification.
    • Notification description — Describes the listed event is detail, including the number of devices impacted by the event notification, and a projection of the event's duration.
    • LOAD PREVIOUS — Select LOAD PREVIOUS to display other notifications received with an earlier timestamp. Event notifications are displayed and reloaded historically, with the most recent displaying first.