Reseller dashboard

Once you log in to the Samsung Reseller Portal, you will see a dashboard with the following information:

Regenerate API key

The listed reseller application programming interface (API) key allows other applications to access your reseller account without using your proprietary password.

To create a new key, and obsolete an existing key:

  1. Log in to the Knox Reseller Portal.
  2. Go to Dashboard on the left-hand navigation.

  4. Read the warning that regenerating an API key invalidates the existing key.

  5. Click GENERATE KEY.

Find a device

Find a device by entering one of the following on the search bar:

  • IMEI
  • MEID
  • Serial number

Manage a sold-to-code

To add sold-to-codes (STCs) to a reseller account:

  1. Sign in to the Knox Reseller Portal.
  2. On the dashboard, in the SOLD-TO-CODE(S) card, click ADD.
    NOTE — If you have previously added STCs to your account, click Manage to add or remove STCs.

    Knox Reseller Portal dashboard

  3. On the Add or manage sold-to-code(s) page, click ADD AND MANAGE SOLD-TO-CODE.

    Description and button to add and manage sold-to-codes

  4. Enter the code, provide an alias name, and click SAVE.

    Dialog to add or edit a sold-to-code

  5. To add more STCs, click ADD ANOTHER SOLD-TO-CODE. You can register up to a maximum of 20 STCs.

    Example of new sold-to-code