Dual Data-at-rest (DAR) Encryption (Premium)
These controls will work on devices with Dual DAR version 1.1 or above and only when Dual DAR has already been setup for the Workspace using either supported UEM or via Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) portal. Note: You need a KPE Premium license with Dual DAR add-on to use this feature.
  • Enable Dual DAR controls
    Use this control to enable Dual DAR settings for the Workspace. If this control is not enabled, any Dual DAR policy settings you change are ignored and the device may use Dual DAR with default values.
  • Data lock timeout type
    Use this control to set a data lock type. This locks the credential encrypted (CE) storage and flushes the key from memory. Once locked, apps canít use the CE until user provides the credential again.
  • Data lock timeout value (in minutes)
    Use this control to specify the data lock timeout value in minutes. To use this feature, you must set the data lock timeout type to specified value.
  • Restrict access to device encrypted (DE) storage
    Use this control to enable or disable access restrictions to the DE storage. By default, apps in the Workspace are allowed to access the DE storage. Enabling this control prevents apps, other than those whitelisted by Admin, to access DE storage.
  • List of apps allowed to access DE storage