Workflow: Set up Knox Manage with a Knox Suite license

If you have a Knox Suite license, follow this workflow to set up Knox Manage. Before performing this procedure, perform the onboarding procedures in the Knox Suite Admin Guide to sign up for a Knox Suite license.

NOTE— This procedure assumes that you have successfully signed up for a Knox Suite license and confirmed that your Knox Suite license is registered in the Knox Manage portal.

  1. Set up Android Enterprise.

  2. Approve Knox Service Plugin (KSP).

  3. Add an organization. In the Add Organization screen, next to License, select Knox Suite.

  4. Add a user. In the Add User screen, next to License, select Knox Suite.

  5. Create a profile.
    1. In the Add Profile screen, next to Platform, select Android Enterprise, and then select Samsung Knox.

    2. Click Save & Set Policy.

    3. Configure the policies as needed. There are two categories of policies:

      • Android Enterprise: This is where you define policies that are common in all Android devices.

      • Samsung Knox Android Enterprise: This is where you define the free and premium Knox features that are only applicable to Samsung devices. 

        NOTE— These policies particularly require KSP. Premium Knox features are only applicable to devices enrolled under a Knox Suite license.

    4. Click Save & Assign.

    5. In the Assign Profile screen, in the Organization tab, select the organization you created.
  6. Enroll a single device. You can also enroll devices in bulk but ensure that you don't exceed the number of seats included in your Knox Suite license.

    NOTE— After enrollment is complete, the KSP app is automatically installed on the device(s).

  7. Test the policies you applied on the device(s).

  8. View the details of your Knox Suite license and confirm that the device(s) you enrolled consumed seats in the license.