Kiosk Wizard menu items

This section describes the menu items in the Kiosk Wizard.

  • Name: Enter the name of the Kiosk.
  • Package Name: Kiosk package name will be generated automatically.
  • Orientation & Grid: Select between Landscape, Portrait, and Auto rotate for the Kiosk orientation mode, and select a Grid setting.
  • Background Color: If there is any space other than the Kiosk background image, it is filled with black or white.
  • Wallpaper: Upload an image to use as the Kiosk wallpaper. Click the box to add the wallpaper image. You can upload up to 5 images. Then, click the gray box area in the “Add Wallpaper Image” window.
    • Keep Original Size: Check to use the original size of the image.
    • Random Play: Check to show the registered wallpapers in random order.
  • Screen Composition: You can add a status bar and logo on a customized Kiosk device.
    • When adding a logo, click Logo on the Preview screen. You can add an image via the “Add Logo Image” window.
  • Exit Kiosk Mode: You can configure the user-end actions to unenroll the Kiosk device. This touch action can be used when the device is offline.
  • Icon Size: Icon size can be adjusted from 50% to 100%
  • Screen Lock: Select the screen lock options for a Kiosk device. You can set the screen lock password for Kiosk mode, and you must deploy the policy if you want to change the password.
  • Icon Text: Choose whether to show or hide the icon text. If you select Show, you can also configure the style, such as the font color and shadow options.
  • Rearrange: Check to allow users to rearrange icons on the device.
  • Point Color: Set the color to be applied to the icons and page indicator in the launcher.
  • Device Setting: Click Select to configure the device settings to be used in Kiosk mode.
    • You can select all items or select each item to be allowed in the “Select Device Setting” window.
  • Page Rotation: Choose whether to allow users to return to the first page from the last page of Kiosk mode.
  • Effect: Select an effect for turning page.
    • Slide, Card, Box, Bulldoze and Corner