How to configure Secure Browser in Knox Manage


  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Knox Suite license key
  • Android Enterprise (AE) Fully Managed, Fully Managed with Work Profile, and Work Profile modes
  • Samsung devices running Android 9 and higher


This knowledge base article guides you through the steps on how to set up Secure Browser, a new feature introduced in Knox Manage (KM). If Secure Browser is enabled, the KM Secure Browser application is silently installed after the KM agent on a device.

To get started with Secure Browser, you'll need a Knox Suite license and a Samsung device running Android 9 or higher.

How do I configure Secure Browser in Knox Manage?

  1. In your KM console, in the left sidebar, click Profile.
  2. Create a new Android Enterprise profile or select an existing one.
  3. Under Android Enterprise, navigate to the Secure Browser policy, and select Use.
  4. Click Save & Assign.

Below is a list of potential configurations for your Secure Browser use case:

  • Homepage URL - Navigate to a specific website URL when the user launches the browser.
  • Hide URL - Hide the address bar in the browser.
  • URL Control Type - Whitelist or blacklist a specific set of URLs.
  • URL Control List - Depending on your selection for URL Control Type, enter a list of URLs you want to allow or disallow.
  • Link URL to Other Apps - Allow or disallow access to other websites through hyperlinked URLs.
  • Cookies - Allow or disallow the use of browser cookies.
  • File Download - Allow or disallow file downloads.
  • File Upload - Allow or disallow file uploads.
  • Text Copy - Allow or disallow users to copy text within the browser.
  • Screen Capture - Allow or disallow screen capture within the browser.
  • Bookmark - Add a website URL as a bookmark in Secure Browser.