Configure a Kiosk in a Profile

You can create a Kiosk when you set a Kiosk policy in the Profile menu.

To create a Kiosk in the Profile menu, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Profile.

2. Click Add to create a new profile.

3. On the “Add Profile” page, enter the required information, including Name and Platform, and then click Save & Set Policy.

Note: Kiosk policies are only available for Android Enterprise and Android Legacy platforms.

4. On the “Set Policy” page, click Kiosk under Android Enterprise or Android (Legacy).

5. Select a Kiosk type between Single app, and Multi app to create in Kiosk app settings.

6. Click Add to create a new Kiosk. If you want to configure the existing kiosks, click Select and choose from the list of already registered Kiosks in the Kiosk menu.

7. Create a Kiosk in the “Add Kiosk” window and click Save.

8. Click Save or Save & Assign to apply the policy to the devices.