Assign iOS App Store applications

To assign the added applications via the iOS App Store, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to Application.

2. On the “Application” page, click the checkbox for the applications to be assigned.

3. Click Assign.

4. On the “Assign Application” page, configure the assignment settings.

  • Target Device: The target device type is designated as iOS.

  • Install Type: Select the installation type.
    • Manual: Allow users to install the application manually.

    • Automatic (Removable): Set the application to be installed automatically. Users are allowed to remove the application.

      NOTE—Public apps from the iOS App Store cannot be installed automatically.

5. Select the target type.

6. Search for the target groups/organizations and click the checkbox for the groups/organizations to assign.

7. Click Assign.

8. In the “Assign Application” window, view the assignment information and click OK.