Add public applications using Managed Google Play Store

To add public applications via the Managed Google Play Store, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to Application.

2. On the “Application” page, click Add.

3. In the “Select Application Type” window, select Public and click OK.

4. On the “Add Application” page, select Managed Google Play Store and search for the application you want to add.

  • If you want to change the country of the selected platform, click the checkbox next to Set Country and select the country.

5. In the search results, click the application to add and then click Approve.

6. Read the application permissions and click Approve.

7. Configure the approval and notification settings and click SAVE.

8. Modify the imported information if necessary.

  • Name: Enter the application name.
  • Category: Select the application category. If you click Manage Category, you can add or modify application categories.
  • Description: Enter a description for the application.

9. Configure Unassign Option. Check if you want to uninstall the app from the device upon unassignment.

10. Click Save & Assign to save the information and proceed to assign the application.

  • Click Save to save the information and return to the application list.

11. Assign the application. For more information, see Assigning Managed Google Play applications.