Add an organization

Create a sub-organization in the parent organizations individually, or add a sub-organization by synchronizing organizations with the Active Directory (AD)/Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system.

To add a sub-organization, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Organization.

  2. On the “Organization” page, click Add.

  3. On the “Add Organization” page, enter the following user information:

    • Parent Organization: Select the parent organization to add a sub-organization to.

    • Inheritable Profile: Displays the profiles inherited with the parent organization. If there is no inheritable profiles, “None” is displayed.

      NOTE—The applications assigned to the parent organization will not be inherited.

    • Code: Enter a new organization code that complies with the organization format.

      NOTE—Once the organization code is saved, you cannot change it.

    • Name: Enter a new organization name.

    • AD/LDAP Sync: Allow the creating of organizations from the AD/LDAP system. If AD/LDAPSync is selected, the existing organization information, including its sub-organizations, will be synchronized from the AD/LDAP system and registered to the admin portal.

      NOTE— To create AD/LDAP organizations, you must connect AD/LDAP directory services with Knox Manage and add a sync service. For more information about adding a sync services, see Adding sync services.

    • License: Select the license type to be used for this organization—Knox Suite or Knox Manage. Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use the same license to enroll this organization’s devices to other Knox services included in Knox Suite.

      NOTE— With a Knox Suite license, only one license seat is consumed by each device (IMEI) regardless of how many Knox services (in Knox Suite) that device is enrolled in.

    • Android Manage Type: Select the Android enrollment type between Android Legacy and Android Enterprise.

    • Sub-Administrator: Select the administrators to manage the organization. If you log in to the Admin Portal for the first time as a super administrator, there will be no subadministrators registered to the Admin Portal. For more information on creating sub-administrators, see Adding an administrator.

  4. Click Save & Assign, and in the “Save & Assign” window, click Application, Profile, or Content to select what to assign to the organization.

    • Application: Select the applications to assign to the organization, and then modify the application settings.

    • Profile: Select the profiles to assign to the organization, and then view the selected profile details.

    • Content: Select the content to assign to the organization.

    • Click Save to register the organization.