View centralized device info

If your organization has devices enrolled in multiple Knox cloud services, the Knox Admin Portal offers a single, consolidated view that displays a device's details across all the services it's enrolled in.

IMPORTANT — If you're a managed service provider admin, device and service info is limited to the customer you're currently managing.

In the search bar at the top of the Knox Admin Portal, enter a device IMEI or serial number to view Knox service info for that device, shown as a centralized device info page.

You can also navigate to this device view from the Device page in each individual service console by clicking View all device information.

The centralized device info page displays the following:

  • SERVICE — If the device is registered in a Knox cloud service and its user is invited to the service, the service name is shown. Click a service name to open the device's details on that service console and make updates to its info as required.

    NOTE — Clicking a Knox Manage (KM) link opens that page on the KM console in a new browser tab.
  • DEVICE STATUS — The last known enrollment status of the device, as reported by the service. Click a status to open a sliding panel containing additional device info.
  • PROFILE — The profile assigned to the device, if applicable. Click a profile name to see details about the profile. For Knox E-FOTA, info about the assigned campaign is shown instead.
  • DEVICE INFO — Service-specific info about the device. For example, if the service is KM, the device's associated user ID, organization, and/or group is shown.
  • SERVICE END DATE — The date when the service or license expires.
  • LAST SEEN — The date when the device last connected to the Knox cloud server.
  • LAST MODIFIED — The date when changes were last pushed to the device.