What's new in the India Identity SDK

Find out what's new in these releases of the Samsung India Identity SDK:

India Identity SDK v1.1

June 2018

This version of the SDK supports the upgrading of Public Devices to Registered Devices level 0 as per UIDAI guidelines.

The SDK complies with the AADHAAR Registered Devices Technical Specification – Version 2.0.1 and AADHAAR Authentication API Specification – Version 2.0.1.

Here is a summary of the key differences between Public and Registered Devices:

Feature Public Device Registered Device
Encryption Signing of Biometric data not mandated in device SDK. Signing of Biometric data is mandated in device.
  • Level 0—In the SDK
  • Level 1—In the TrustZone
Security Less Secure More Secure
Device Identification No Yes

India Identity SDK v1.0

August 2016

This initial release of the SDK introduces the following features:

  • Capture and encrypt iris data in a format that conforms to the UIDAI specifications
  • Get user demographic data from the Aadhaar server
  • Support for Samsung IR-enabled devices, such as the SM-T116IR