Samsung India Identity SDK v1.0 Sample App

This app uses the Samsung India Identity SDK APIs to capture the iris image of a user and get the encrypted iris data. This sample app shows how to use the encrypted data for authenticating the user, or for e-KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication with the Aadhaar server and get the corresponding response.

Note: This sample app is provided as a reference on how to use the Samsung India Identity SDK APIs, and how to make a request XML. This sample app works only with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) staging server, and cannot be reused as is for testing with preprod and prod UIDAI server.

Getting Started


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To use any Samsung India Identity SDK API, you need to get a Samsung India Identity license key, then provide it through your app as follows:

  1. In the app source code, edit the file
  2. Search for the string variable "key", and assign it with your Samsung India Identity license key value.
  3. Compile the source code, deploy the APK package to a device, and install the package.

To test the sample app

  1. Request a test UID by following the steps in "Test UID Creation Process" under UIDAI Developer Portal > Testing Data and License Keys.
  2. Launch the app, and tap Activate License to activate the license.
  3. Enter the registered Aadhaar number, and select Authenticate or e-KYC to test.