Install the India Identity SDK

Download the SDK

  1. Go to the Samsung India Identity SDK page.
  2. Sign in using your Samsung Account.
  3. On the Samsung India Identity Dashboard page click Download for the SDK you want.
  4. Review the SDK Agreement. If you agree to the terms, select the checkbox and click Accept. The browser saves the SDK package into your downloads folder.
  5. Extract the SDK .zip contents.
  6. Copy the extracted addon_xxx folder to your IDE's add-ons folder. For:
    • Android Studio—AppData\Local\Android\sdk\add-ons
    • Eclipse—eclipse\plugins

Install the SDK into Eclipse

  1. Launch Eclipse, right click on the Android project, and open its properties.
  2. Click the Android tab, and check the box to make the India Identity add-on the project build target.

  3. Apply the properties and click OK.

    Now, the India Identity SDK add-on displays as the project build target in the package explorer with its appropriate files.

Note that if you have any issues installing the India Identity SDK add-on, you can also directly add the library SamsungIndiaIdentity.jar as an external JAR to your android project. Right click on your project>Properties>Java Build Path>Libraries>Add External JARs:

Samsung India Identity SDK add-on is now successfully added to your Android SDK. Now you can proceed with the development of your solution.

Install the SDK into Android Studio

In the Android Studio, select the Project tab and copy the SamsungIndiaIdentity.jar to the libs folder of your project. Right click on the jar file and select "Add as Library...". Your JAR file is now added to the project. In the Android tab, you can see that your library is declared in build.grade (Module: app).