About the India Identity SDK

You can use the Samsung India Identity SDK to do the following:

  • Authenticate a user—To authenticate the user's identity with the Aadhaar server.
  • Get E-KYC (Electronic Know Your Client) data—To get the user's demographic data, provided during Aadhaar enrollment, from the Aadhaar server.

You can use these features in these security-focused sectors:

  • PSU Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Small Banks
  • Payment Banks
  • Co-Op Banks
  • Financial Services – Microfinance
  • Financial Services – NBFCs
  • Telecom operators

High-level applications include:

  • Business Correspondent agents (an agent-assisted IRIS scan)
  • Bank Customer Acquisition and E-KYC
  • Telcos for CAF E-KYC
  • Government departments for service delivery and E-KYC
  • Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies for E-KYC

How the SDK works

The India Identity SDK encapsulates the IRIS manager core function as follows:

The Samsung India Identity SDK provides the following:

  • encrypted and signed PID
  • session key
  • HMAC

You app:

  • constructs the authentication or E-KYC XML request for the UIDAI Server
  • fills the request with the encrypted and signed PID, session key, and HMAC provided by SDK

You can test your apps with the UIDAI staging server, pre-production server, or production server.

To test with production or pre-production, you must have access to a AUA/KUA server. For more information about AUA/ASA server, see Aadhaar Authentication API 2.0.1.