Smart chart and graph

Smart Graph framework can be used to build graphical chart views that can be added to an application’s view group. Smart Graph provides graph as an extended Android view to the developers. It takes chart data and configuration as input for any chart and returns a view with plotted chart.

The following block diagram provides an illustration of overall Smart Graph framework of the Samsung EDU SDK.

The following modules are exposed to developers:

Chart Factory

  • This module creates the actual chart with the given data set and renderer details.
  • Chart is returned as a Graphical View or Intent.

Graphical View

  • An Android custom view which can be added to a view group.
  • Provides zoom, pan, gesture, and format listener support.

Graphical Activity

  • An Android activity which embeds Graphical View with a chart.

The following are the important modules of Smart Graph framework:


  • This module handles different types of charts.
  • This module allows chart series rendering for each chart type.


  • This module manages the data set of the graph. The chart data is passed to graph using this module.


  • This module manages complete configuration and style information of the graph. For example, colors, alignment, label angles, axis titles, and so on.


  • This module manages zoom and pan interactions.

MTable Handler

  • Provides utility for building chart using MTable data.