NOTE: This feature has been deprecated in the Android 10 release with Knox 3.4.1. Although it might still work, it will no longer be tested and will stop working shortly in an upcoming Knox release. We strongly recommend that you update your apps to use an equivalent feature in the Android SDK or remove the feature from your app.

What's new in the Knox Tizen SDK

Find out what's new in these releases of the Samsung Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables:

Knox Tizen SDK v2.3.1

This version of the SDK introduces the following features:

  • Create dump log — View your log file easily
  • Get device overheat status — Respond to when your device overheats
  • Always-on-display management — Turn AOD on/off to control battery consumption
  • Get serial number — Gather your serial numbers to provide cloud services for your users

Knox Tizen SDK v2.3.0

This version of the SDK introduces the following features:

  • Automatic call answering — Allow the device to automatically answer calls
  • Runtime permissions control — Control dangerous permissions at runtime without user content
  • Screen lock management — Allow management of lock screen settings to enable better shared device experiences

Knox Tizen SDK v2.2.0

This version of the SDK introduces the following features:


  • Certificate management — Install or remove certificates in wearable devices.
  • Notification policy management — Control the display of notifications by each package in without phone connection (WPC) mode.
  • S/W updates — Control S/W updates by setting user permissions and restrictions.
  • Power saving mode — Customize user permission when changing Power saving modes.


  • Boot animation — Customize boot and/or shutdown animations.
  • Watch face — Change to a custom watch face while in WPC mode.
  • Home key remapping — Set an application to launch when home key is double pressed.
  • Hard Key — Configure an app to launch upon long pressing the back key.
  • Debugging mode — Enable or disable the debug option.

Knox Tizen SDK v1.1.0

This version of the SDK introduces the following features:

  • Airplane mode — Toggle airplane mode on/off remotely on the Gear device.
  • ProKiosk Exit Menu — Customize the ProKiosk exit menu to be visible or hidden in the device options.

There are no changes to MDM and Attestation APIs for v1.1.0