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This tutorial teaches you how to use the Samsung Knox SDK to create an app that implements Kiosk mode that locks your app down to either a couple of selected apps or a single app. Additionally, the user can restrict certain features such as settings changes, expansion of the status bar, certain hardware keys and more. This app requires the SUPPORT_PERMISSION, KNOX_KIOSK_MODE and KNOX_APP_MGMT permission in the Android Manifest file

You will learn how to

  • Download and install the Knox SDK.
  • Implement a Device Admin Receiver for Android.
  • Activate your license key.
  • Implement Knox Kiosk Mode

What you will need

  1. The Knox SDK
  2. Android Studio (or another IDE)
  3. The complete source code for this tutorial
  4. A Samsung Knox device to test with


You have Set up the Knox SDK.

The sample app

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