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This tutorial teaches you how to use the Knox SDK to create an app that manages certificates in TIMA Client Certificate Manager (CCM), which is a virtual Smart Card on the device. This includes:

  • Setting up a CCM token
  • Controlling which packages can access the token
  • Setting and deleting a CCM profile
  • Installing a certificate onto the profile
  • Adding packages to an allowlist that allows them to bypass token access
  • Eenabling or disabling the TIMA keystore.

This app requires the SUPPORT_PERMISSION, KNOX_CCM, KNOX_CCM_KEYSTORE and KNOX_TIMA_KEYSTORE permission in the Android Manifest file.

You learn how to

  • Download and install the Knox SDK.
  • Implement a Device Admin Receiver for Android.
  • Activate your license key.
  • Manage certificates in TIMA CCM.

What you need

  1. The Knox SDK
  2. Android Studio (or another IDE)
  3. The complete source code for this tutorial
  4. A Samsung Knox device to test with


You have Set up the Knox SDK.

The sample app

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