Remote control for work profiles

NOTE—This feature was deprecated in API level 35 with Knox SDK v3.8.

Before Knox 3.4.1, you could use Knox Remote Control on a fully managed device, but not within a work profile. From 3.4.1 onwards, Samsung has expanded Remote Control to support work profiles as well. This is for devices having Android 10 or higher.

During the creation of a work profile, a check is in place to know if the work profile is Premium—meaning having an active KPE paid license key. Only for Premium work profiles is Remote Control restricted for security reasons. This means that Remote Control is accessible by default in a regular work profile but not in a Premium work profile.

To enable or disable Remote Control in a Premium work profile, use the following API:

API API description
AdvancedRestrictionPolicy.allowRemoteControl Allows Remote Control in a Premium work profile

To enable Remote Control in a Premium work profile:

EnterpriseKnoxManager ekm = EnterpriseKnoxManager.getInstance(context);