How to create a QR code to enroll a device into Android Enterprise Device Owner (DO) mode


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This article provides information on how to create a QR code for provisioning an Android device into Android Enterprise’s device owner mode.

The following parameters are used to generate a QR code:

  1. – Specifies the device admin component name of your application that you want to set as device owner.

  2. – Specifies the package checksum of your app that you want to set as device owner. To generate the package checksum, you can use openssl as specified below :
    cat name-of-APK.apk | openssl dgst -binary -sha256 | openssl base64 | tr '+/' '-_' | tr -d '='
  3. – Specifies the location/address where the device owner app is stored.
  4. – Optional parameter used to skip encryption while provisioning the device into device owner mode.
  5. – Optional parameter used to enable/disable all system apps depending on the value specified.
  6. – Optional parameter. You can specify a list of parameters depending on what the device owner app supports. This bundle is delivered to the device owner app.

For example, if you have downloaded a Knox SDK sample app and want to make that app a device owner, the following can be used to generate a QR code:



            "": true,

            "": {
NOTE— Enter the "PACKAGE_CHECKSUM" and "PACKAGE_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION" to complete the QR code. Any third-party QR code generator can be used to generate the QR code.

Additional information

For more details on how to enroll and provision a device in Device Owner (DO), see the Android Management API documentation.

To read more about the Knox SDK, refer to the Knox SDK API reference.