Hardware key mapping

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has two configurable hardware keys:

  • XCover key—Also called the Push-to-talk or PTT key, this key is located on the left side of the device.
  • Top key—Sometimes referred to as the Emergency key, located on the top-right of the device.

There are two ways to map the function of these keys:

  • Unmanaged key mapping
    • A device user configures how the keys are used, through the device Settings.
    • An ISV developer adapts an app so that it can be mapped to and launched by a key.
  • Managed key mapping
    • An IT admin configures how the keys are used on all enterprise devices, through an EMM web console or Knox Service Plugin.
    • An EMM developer can adapt an EMM app to deploy EMM configurations on the device, or just support the Knox Service Plugin which has its own app on the device.

Enterprises can support both unmanaged and managed key mappings. The linked topics above provide information about how ISV and EMM developers support the two approaches.