What Knox SDK API methods are available to manage device firmware?

  • allowFirmwareRecovery — Enable or disable users from recovering the device firmware update from download mode (ODIN).
  • allowOTAUpgrade — Enable or disable users from using Android Settings to enable OTA upgrades, including firmware, security patches, bug fixes, apps, and so on.
  • setUsbMediaPlayerAvailability — Enable or disable users from using Samsung KIES on a USB-connected computer to upgrade device firmware.
  • allowFirmwareAutoUpdate — If the device firmware is not currently up-to-date, enabling this feature initiates an immediate latest firmware download, but the device user must agree to update before the installation proceeds.
  • setAllowedFOTAVersion - set allowed FOTA version (Enterprise FOTA) that allows for updating. User can not update device to the higher version of administrator set version.