How do I use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse IDE add-on with the Android Studio IDE?

If you have migrated from the Eclipse IDE to Google's Android Studio IDE, you can use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse add-on as follows:

  1. Download the SDK.
  2. Extract the SDK's add-on .ZIP package into the folder: <android-sdk>\add-ons.

In Android Studio:

  1. Create a new Android Application project.
  2. Select the target platform, for example, Phone and Tablet.
  3. For the Minimum SDK, select the add-on, for example, Knox Customization 2.5 Add-on.

If the add-on is not available in the Minimum SDK list:

  1. Select any other SDK (for example, API 19) and create the project.
  2. Open the build.gradle file for the app and change the compileSdkVersion to the add-on, for example,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.:Knox Customization 2.5 Addon:21

You can now access the APIs from this add-on.