What is the Samsung Knox SDK?

The Samsung Knox SDK is a consolidation of these Knox SDKs:

  • Knox Standard SDK
  • Knox Premium SDK
  • Knox Customization SDK
  • Knox ISV SDK
  • Knox UCM SDK
  • Knox VPN SDK

With the Samsung Knox SDK, there is one SDK package to download, one JAR library to import, one API Reference documenting all methods, and one Developer Guide describing how to use all the SDK features. In addition to simplifying the developer experience, the Samsung Knox SDK also offers these improvements:

  • Namespace—All Samsung Knox SDK packages, intents, and permissions now have names in a single namespace: Unifying the namespace simplifies the coding, troubleshooting, and support. Previously, there were two namespaces, which you should no longer use:
    •—this one is in the Google namespace
    • com.sec.enterprise/vpn—this one is in a lesser used Samsung Electronics namespace
  • Structure—API methods have been re-organized to better reflect their function. The API methods that were in the generic class called MiscPolicy have been moved into more appropriate classes. Some classes have been renamed. For example, Attestation is now called AttestationPolicy for more consistency with other class names.
  • Deprecation—API methods that were not being used or were duplicated across SDKs have been deprecated. This is to simplify the API set and ease usability. Although the deprecated API methods will still work with Samsung Knox SDK, we will no longer test them with future releases. For a list of these deprecated API methods, see the Samsung Knox SDK Migration Guide.
  • Version—As the various replaced SDKs had different version numbers, the new consolidated Samsung Knox SDK identifies its release using its Android API level. The first Samsung Knox SDK release uses API level 24, which corresponds with Android v7 or Nougat.

Updating an app that used the previous SDKs (Knox Standard, Knox Premium, Knox Customization, etc.) is fairly straightforward. To see how it’s done, browse the Samsung Knox SDK Migration Guide.