What are the changes in Samsung Calendar data sharing in Knox SDK 3.8?

Samsung Calendar data sharing menu (export calendar to Personal Profile and import calendar to Work Profile) is removed in Knox SDK 3.8

Knox provided bidirectional calendar data sharing between personal and work profile through the following settings menu:

Settings > Work Profile Settings > Notifications and data > Export calendar to personal profile / Import calendar to work profile

However Google introduced a similar feature called Connected work and personal apps in Android 11.

So in Knox SDK 3.8, Knox settings menu is removed to avoid feature conflicts, and Samsung calendar app supports the Connected work and personal apps feature.
Personal to Work Profile data sharing is allowed but Work to Personal Profile data sharing is blocked by default. However an IT admin can allow this by Knox API property, boolean value) which is introduced in Knox SDK 3.8.

Note that in the case of other 3rd party calendar applications, they might support this feature or not, or have different user behaviors according to their implementation.

For your understanding, the screenshots are added below.

Removed menu in S OS

Personal mode calendar: Policy off

Personal mode calendar: Policy on

Connected apps menu(Samsung calendar)

Popup when connected apps is turned on