How does my device's serial number change with Knox 3.2.1?

Article last updated June 11, 2021

If you are using Android’s Build.getSerial() or Knox’s DeviceInventory.getSerialNumber() to obtain the device serial number, please refer to the following summary of the changes based on device model and operating system.

Device ril.serialnumber ro.serialno Build.getSerial() DeviceInventory.getSerialNumber()
Devices released prior to January 2019, including S9, Note9, Tab S4. OS 10 (deprecated): 11 digit value 16 digit value 16 digit value 11 digit value
Devices released on or after January 2019, including S10, Tab A 10.1 and newer.

OS 10 (deprecated): 11 digit value

OS 11: removed

11 digit value 11 digit value

OS 10 (deprecated in Knox API level 30): 11 digit value

OS 11 (Knox API level 33): "00000000000"

Please refer here for a list of device release dates.

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