How does my device's serial number change with Knox 3.2.1?

If you have implemented either the Android or Knox serial number APIs, please see the below table on how they have changed based on device model and operating system. Knox versioning table maps Android OS to Knox SDK versions.

Device OS Samsung serial number (ril.serialnumber) Android Serial number (ro.serialno)
S9 and below, Note 9 and below, A8 and below Android P and below 11 digit value 16 digit value
S10 Android P and above Deprecated 11 digit  ril.serialnumer will replace 16 digit  ro.serialno
TBD Android Q Obsolete 11 digit value

If the Knox API is called on a device running Android Q, "00000000000" will be returned. For additional information on retrieving the serial number and what permissions are required, see Android’s getSerial() method.

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