What kind of support is offered after an API is deprecated?

After an API deprecation is announced, Samsung offers three stages of support:

  1. Newly Deprecated — When an API is deprecated in a new Knox version, it will work normally for one year after the deprecation announcement. During this time, Samsung provides full technical support.
  2. One year after deprecation — The deprecated API continues to be available, but satisfactory operation is not guaranteed. Samsung doesn’t fix any bugs or compatibility issues.
  3. Two years after deprecation — The deprecated API may be removed from the SDK. Even if it is available, it might not behave as expected. We recommend that you look for alternative solutions when we announce the API deprecation. We suggest replacing the API method with alternatives within the first year after the deprecation as we provide full support for the deprecated APIs during that time.

To see the full list of deprecated API methods, see the Deprecated API Methods.