Can a third-party app use the Knox SDK to get LDAP information?

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an Internet protocol that apps such as Contact, Email, and S Planner can use to look up personal information from a network server, to synch information across multiple devices. In the case of Email, when a user tries to type an email address into a recipient field, for example, the Email app can try to auto-complete the address based on the retrieved personal information.

The Knox SDK provides these classes:

  • LDAPAccount — to construct a data type with LDAP account information: user name, password, host, and so on.
  • LDAPAccountPolicy — to create the LDAP account on the device. (Note: This class does not push or enforce LDAP security policies on the device.)

Third-party apps can also make use of LDAP information after modifying the app code to work with LDAP. For any collaboration queries, contact Knox support.