What happens to DA apps when upgraded to Android Q?

The following device admin (DA) policies will fail to work when your EMM DPC is upgraded to target the Android Q API level 29:

If your DA App relies on any of these, you must migrate your app to an Android Enterprise Device Owner (DO) or Profile Owner (PO) as the above four polices cannot be delegated by a DO/PO to a DA. Only devices that run DPCs targeting Q features are required to migrate if they are still on DA. DPCs targeting an API level below Q:

  • will not be impacted, even if the devices are upgraded to Android Q.
  • will continue to be installable on devices running Android Q.

Apps uploaded to the Google Play store now need to target a recent Android API level to ensure that users benefit from significant security and performance improvements. By November 2, 2020, Google requires apps to target API level 29, which corresponds with Android 10 (Q).