I have created a "container only mode" container and I am locked inside, using the Knox SDK. How do I exit?

Container only mode is an ultra-secure environment that does not allow movement to personal space, factory reset, or firmware recovery. The device is locked to the container.

The type of container that gets created depends on the string entered in the createContainer API method.

KnoxContainerManager.createContainer("knox-b2b-com") creates container only mode.

As factory reset and firmware recovery are disabled in container only mode, it is recommended to implement the KnoxContainerManager.removeContainer(containerId) API method as a safeguard to exit container.

Other than that, the only way to reset the device is to flash factory firmware on the device.

Note: Flashing devices with the wrong firmware can result in a bricked device. Hence, it is recommended to take your device to a Samsung Kiosk or Samsung Store, where an expert can flash the correct build on the device for you.