What happens to existing Work Profiles?

Existing Android Work Profiles on Android N will continue to work once upgraded to Android O. The following are key changes to existing Android Work Profiles.

Updated Icon, Badge and Name

Android Work Profiles on Android O are called Workspace in Knox 3.0. The icon and badge are changed as follows:

Work Profile on Android N

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Work Profile on Android O – Upgrade

Icon and badge color remains orange for upgrades to keep consistency. Work apps remain side by side personal apps.

Work Profile on Android O - new creation

For new Workspace creations, the icons and badge color is blue.

Tabbed UI View

The Knox SDK 3.2.1 enhancements apply to devices running Android P. The Knox SDK 3.2.1 release removes the mini launcher functionality of previous (Undefined variable: Variables.Workspace) profiles. The (Undefined variable: Variables.Workspace) now uses a tabbed UI view to show personal and work apps. This enhancement benefits IT Administrator and end-user level users in the following ways:

  1. Reduces the number of IT support calls caused due to user confusion and other issues
  2. Improves end-user experience and usability for users in these ways:
    • Lets end-users seamlessly switch between personal and work apps without delay.
    • Shows work apps in a separate tabbed view to provide a visual confirmation that the user is in the (Undefined variable: Variables.Workspace).

Android P Knox Workspace Tabbed UI view

For users that are not logged-in to the (Undefined variable: Variables.Workspace), the name of the tab showing work apps is Work. After the user successfully logs in to the (Undefined variable: Variables.Workspace), the tab name changes to Workspace.

To switch between personal and work apps, users tap the appropriate tab. When an unauthenticated user tries to launch any work app, they are prompted to enter their login credentials.

Users can use the button in the Work Profile area to toggle the (Undefined variable: Variables.Workspace) on or off. When the Workspace is turned off, all work apps are grayed out and unavailable for use.

Workspace Settings

Work settings on Android N are part of device settings. Work settings on Android O are available to the user as a separate app inside the profile. There are a few exceptions such as battery usage and location that are still part of device settings.

Users of devices running the Knox SDK 3.2.1 release or higher and Android P or higher can access Workspace settings directly from the device settings.