NOTE: Dual Persona and Corporate Liable (CL) containers are not longer supported on the Note 10 and later devices. If you are using any of these devices, use the new KPE Knox Workspace. KPE Workspace can be deployed by itself (P.O only) or as Fully Managed Device with Workspace (D.O + P.O). For more information, see this SEAP bulletin.
NOTE: COM containers are deprecated in S10's running Knox 3.3 and above. Trying to create a COM on these devices will not work. COM containers created on existing devices in your fleet will continue to work until the official end of life (EOL) of the devices they are running on, for example, S7 or S8. For more information, see this SEAP bulletin.

About Workspaces

Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) is the updated Knox Workspace solution (as of Knox 3.0). It allows IT admins to access the full range of Knox platform features without creating an on-device container. Admins may still deploy the Knox Workspace managed container if they choose. Knox Platform for Enterprise features advanced configuration and management options, robust VPN connectivity, and comprehensive data usage analytics, Knox Platform for Enterprise should be the cornerstone of your mobile security strategy.

This section of the guide provides information on how to create a Workspace container on the updated Knox Platform for Enterprise framework.

What is Knox Workspace

Workspace is a defense-grade dual persona container product designed to separate, isolate, encrypt, and better protect work data on mobile devices. The work container can be remotely managed by a company, while personal information such as pictures and messages remain private. Workspace provides you with the freedom to customize your work device as you please, without worrying about the integrity or security of your company data.

How is Workspace deployed in KPE

Knox Platform for Enterprise typically is used to support the follow deployment modes.

What do I need to do to support KPE?

See the updated container architecture guide for information on getting an enterprise ready for a Knox Platform for Enterprise Workspace.

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