What's new in Knox Mobile Enrollment

Find out what's new in these releases of the Knox Mobile Enrollment REST APIs:

Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.1

NOTE — The server endpoint is still v1.1

November 2022

API Updates
POST /kcs/v2/kme/devices/unassignProfile
  • This API is added. It enables unassigning a profile from one or more devices. Specifically, it unassigns all valid devices (having valid IMEI or serial number), regardless of any invalid device IDs in a batch. Returns separate lists of the valid devices, the devices that do not exist, and all the invalid devices.
  • The deviceIds parameter is added. It accepts a list of device IDs, which is one of the following:
    • The value of id inside deviceList in the response when calling Get Devices
    • A device's IMEI
    • A device's serial number
GET /kcs/v1/kme/devices/list
  • The newly added changedAfter parameter allows retrieving device information captured after the specified timestamp. Supported timestamps include number of hours, minutes, or a date.

December 2020

The following APIs were updated:

API Updates
POST /kcs/v1/kme/profiles/create
POST /kcs/v1/kme/profiles/createAsync
  • The aeEnabled parameter was added. If the MDM supports out-of-box work profile creation through PO mode, set aeEnabled to true and configure PO profile enrollment settings for Android 10 and above devices. This setting is echoed in the response.
  • The supportPhoneNumber parameter is now required only if doEnabled is false.
  • The supportEmailAddress is now required only if doEnabled is false.
  • When doEnabled is true, the Android Enterprise profile settings screen is now displayed with settings for configuring a DO-supported enrollment profile. When doEnabled is set to false, the Android Enterprise profile settings screen is also displayed (if running Android 10 or later) to let the MDM optionally enroll the device in PO (Profile Owner) mode.
  • The skipSetupWizard parameter was modified such that if doEnabled or aeEnabled is true, skipSetupWizard should also be set to true.
  • The supportedMDM parameter was modified such that if doEnabled or aeEnabled is true, supportedMDM is required.
  • The allowUserCancel parameter was modified such that if doEnabled or aeEnabled is true, allowUserCancel should be set to false.
PUT /kcs/v1/kme/profiles/{profileId} This API was added. It updates all details of a particular profile.
GET /kcs/v1/kme/profiles/list
  • The resellerId query parameter was added. It can be used to retrieve a list of Profile Alias objects.
  • The profileAlias property was added to the response.
PUT /kcs/v1/kme/profiles/{id} This API was removed because it is the same as PUT /kcs/v1/kme/profiles/{profileId}.
POST /kcs/v1/kme/reseller/profilealias
PUT /kcs/v1/kme/reseller/profilealias
DELETE /kcs/v1/kme/reseller/profilealias
These APIs were added. They allow the creation, modification, or deletion of a Profile Alias. A Profile Alias is shared to a reseller so they can automatically assign profiles to approved uploads.

July 2020

  • The API Reference version was changed from 2.0 to 1.1 to better reflect the fact that the server endpoint is still v1.
  • The PUT /kcs/v1/kme/devices/unassignProfile API was updated to accept device IMEIs and serial numbers in the deviceIds parameter in the request body.

February 2020

KME API version 1.1 includes one new Profile API:

Delete Profile

DELETE /v1/kme/profiles/{id}

Deletes a profile by its ID.

Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.0

August 2019

Initial release of the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment REST APIs.