Register devices to Knox E-FOTA (Version 1)

After generating an OAuth 2.0 token, you can now develop your web server code to communicate with the Knox E-FOTA Server.

This section shows you the steps required to register devices to Knox E-FOTA for firmware management.


To register for the Knox E-FOTA service, make a REST API call to the B2B Knox E-FOTA server, sending an HTTP POST request to this URL:


In the body of the HTTP request, provide the following information:

  • mdmId—This identifies your company among other partners in our KPP program.
  • customerId—This identifies one of your enterprise customers that will use the Knox E-FOTA service.
  • license—This tracks customer usage of the Knox E-FOTA service for billing purposes.
    NOTE—While trying Knox E-FOTA, the development key is sent to you by email in the following format: "EFOTA1-fff555-ggg666-hh77". During commercial deployment, this license is purchased.
  • groupID—A device group identified by the enterprise IT admin to separate groups for different firmware updates . Upper case only, for example: "TEST GROUP".

You encode this info into REST API calls to the Knox E-FOTA server, and also in the Android API call used to set the allowed firmware version on a device.

For details about each of these XML elements, see the API reference for serviceRegister.


Here is a sample request to register a device user to the Knox E-FOTA service:

<B2bServiceRegisterVO> <mdmId>d1e2f3g4h5</mdmId> <customerId>EEEE4444-FF55-AA66-BB77-CCCCCC888888</customerId> <groupId>TEST DEVICE GROUP</groupId> <license>EFOTA1-fff555-ggg666-hh77</license> </B2bServiceRegisterVO>


If the API call is successful, the Knox E-FOTA server returns HTTP/1.1 200 OK.

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